Pastoral Care

Being a small college, students and staff have the opportunity to get to know each other really well. Visitors often remark on the unique atmosphere they encounter at Padworth and the relaxed, informal relationships they witness between staff and students.

Each student is treated as an individual and their motivation and well-being is the top priority for our team who are always ready to offer advice and support. We place great importance on caring for our students and supporting them in all aspects of their stay at Padworth Summer School. Our aim is to create a happy and secure environment with an atmosphere which is relaxed and yet purposeful, where the needs of the individual are recognised and respected.

Medical care is available through the Padworth Summer School team and there is a medical room on site. In the event a student needs to see a local GP, a member of the Summer School team will make appointments for students where appropriate and accompany them.

Food and Nutrition

Padworth Summer School’s catering team provides students with daily fresh, nutritious meals. We also work to educate students on how to make healthier food choices and regularly consult with them to tailor menus to suit their tastes and preferences.

Students are accommodated on a full board basis, with breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week, included in the course fee.


Continental and traditional cooked breakfast options are available.  This includes a selection of fresh fruit, cereals, yoghurt and toast and hot English breakfasts.


Our daily lunch includes a soup starter, a meat-based main dish and a vegetarian main option.  A range of fresh vegetables and side salad options are also provided, together with a daily dessert (pudding) option.



Dinner includes a meat-based main dish and a vegetarian main option.  A range of fresh vegetables and side salad options are also available, together with a daily dessert (pudding) option.

Fresh water is provided with all meals.

All of our meals are prepared on campus using fresh ingredients. Our catering is provided by Chartwells, who have many years of experience of catering for international students. Any special dietary requirements in relation to religious belief or any allergy to specific food groups can be met.