Padworth Xperiences

At Padworth Summer School, we firmly believe that the knowledge students acquire outside of traditional classroom settings is equally important to their academic studies. This principle resonates strongly in our summer programme, where students can immerse themselves in a new country and engage with other young learners from around the world for two weeks. Through a schedule brimming with activities, optional trips to cinema, ten-pin bowling and many other options, along with visits to some of England’s most iconic cities, we strive to provide students with a comprehensive and enriching experience that fosters lasting memories.

Padworth Xperiences (Afternoon Activities)

Experience the best of Padworth College with our sporty, adventurous, and creative Padworth Xperiences. These more laid-back activities offer a chance for students to connect with each other while enjoying the facilities of the College and surrounding area. From heart-pumping outdoor activities and sports to captivating creative pursuits, we have something for everyone!